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At first the warlords enjoyed their lives. After years of monotony they become restless, The Nothing saw their clamor and bid his Lords to end their angst.

The Lords sent their envoy, Bahamut, king of the dragons to obliterate the Warlords. Faced with their own mortality they rallied together and slew the King
Maelstrom, the Storm Lord, grew angry at their insolence and rode in on a mighty storm to finish the deed, again though the Warlords fought back besting the Lord.

Fraener, Lord of Ash, burned with desire for the challenge, and attempted to engulf the land in flames, but the Warlords resolve burned brighter and overcame the mighty Inferno.

Apalala, Lord of the Seas stepped forth and began to drown the land. The Warlords, with their strength as vast as the oceans, rose from the floods and again slew this Dragon Lord.

Terra, Lord of the Crags, angry at the state of his governance, came forth, as a mighty avalanche he came, to do both his Master's bidding and save his Earth.
With hearts as heavy as stone the Warlords slew Terra, despite his near noble intentions.

Diabolos, Lord of the Demons, set a plague upon the land, plunging it into darkness, and began his deed. The Warlords though, with their newfound hope, shone through the Lords darkness, and felled the mighty Dragon.

Venersynct, Lord of the Sacred, abhorred this violence and flew down from the heavens to put an end to the Warlord's hopes. But their light proved brighter as the mighty Dragon Lord fell to their blades.

For a moment the Warlords rejoiced having bested the dragon Lords of the elements. The Nothing came. The Angel of Reality. The Supreme God. The Infinite Elder. The Eternal Divine...The Immortal.
The Warlords could barely keep themselves amongst the living as It toyed with them. The One who created the Dragon Lords, who created reality itself.
It watched as despite their futile efforts the Warlords stood together at the sight of Him. At that moment It knew they changed. The Nothing stopped its "attack" and uttered these words in their minds.

"You have learned to set aside your angst and stand together. Even against me, the Angel of Reality. Remember your tribulations and the consequences of malevolence"

With that The Nothing was gone, and the Warlords ushered in a new era of prosperity as The Nothing watched from his realm, his Dragon Lords ever ready to do his bidding.